Search Engine Optimization – Seo

Let Your Audience Reach You!

At Adrox we understand the value of communication with the target audience regarding your products and services. How about your audience reach you out for a specific service of product? Our SEO service will help you stand out in the crowds by appearing prominent in the search volumes. Keywords play a pivotal role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Adrox plans carefully the keywords which your target market is searching for your business online.

Adrox Strategy Focus:

  • Proper keywords research
  • Keywords for images
  • Keywords based content
  • Use of proper Meta tags in title and description of the page
  • Use of high quality back links
  • Optimization of all pages
  • Registering with local directories
  • Optimize social media profiles

Proper keywords research:

We use analytics to find relevant keywords and our team does proper research to find high volume keywords.

Keywords for images:

We know the fact that keywords give clarity to search engines so all images should have proper keyword.

Keywords based content:

We know what people search related to your business therefore content should contain targeted keywords so that it appears in searches.

Use of proper Meta tags in title and description of the page:

Each page needs to be optimized based on proper and clear title and description. We use Search engine optimized Meta tags in title and description of page for more visibility.

Use of high quality back links:

We use quality, relevant and industry specific back links for increasing your ranking in the google searches.

Optimization of all pages:

In order to get maximum benefits of Search Engine Optimization, We optimize each and every page of the website.

Registering with local directories:

For enhancing your business, it is important to submit links to various directories, it also improves your online presence.

Optimize social media profiles:

We know how much it is important to optimize the social media presence at Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube etc. for maximizing reach. Even submission of Facebook n Twitter links at various directories can also be beneficial.

Benefits of SEO for your Business:

Improve your Competitive Edge:

We help to maintain a competitive edge by increasing your online market share. When your products and services are easier to find, there are more chances you and get more customers and retain the existing ones.

Expand Customer Base and Target Audience:

SEO helps you in ranking high among others, thereby, increasing traffic and converting leads into sales.

Boost sales / Increase your return on investment:

When your site ranking is improved it will in turn increase the visitors on your site, with more sale opportunities and high conversion rates.

Save time and money:

As compared to offline marketing Search Engine Optimization is quite economical as it helps reach millions of people in one go and that too at a lesser cost.

Brand Awareness:

When your company comes on first page in the search results, it is perceived to be more trustworthy and therefore create more brand awareness in users’ mind. With improved ranks and more impressions gives more exposure to your website. Contact US for more details!

Search Engine Optimization - Seo services in islamabad


Preliminary SEO Check/SEO AuditYes        Yes        Yes
Detailed SEO Strategy and PlanYes        Yes        Yes
Competitive Analysis ReportYes        Yes        Yes
Optimizing Title Tags and MetaTagsYes        Yes        Yes
Google XML site mapsYes        Yes        Yes
Robot.txt OptimizationYes        Yes        Yes
Image OptimizationYes        Yes        Yes
Anchor Tag OptimizationYes        Yes        Yes
Existing Content OptimizationYes        Yes        Yes
Ongoing Content OptimizationYes        Yes        Yes
Page TitlesYes        Yes        Yes
URL StructureYes        Yes        Yes
Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)Yes        Yes        Yes
Keyword DensityYes        Yes        Yes
                     301Yes        Yes        Yes
Internal LinkingYes        Yes        Yes
BloggingYes        Yes        Yes
Forum PostingsYes        Yes        Yes
Search Engine SubmissionYes        Yes        Yes
Social BookmarkingYes        Yes        Yes
Business  SubmissionYes        Yes        Yes
Cross-LinkingYes        Yes        Yes
Photo SharingYes        Yes        Yes
Directory SubmissionYes        Yes        Yes


Article Writing and SubmissionYes      Yes      Yes
Press Release Writing and SubmissionYes      Yes      Yes
Blog commentingYes      Yes      Yes
Classified postingYes      Yes      Yes
Local Listings & Yellow PagesYes      Yes      Yes
RSS Directories SubmissionYes      Yes      Yes
Face book Custom pageYes      Yes      Yes
Twitter Custom ProfileYes      Yes      Yes
Linked In Custom ProfileYes      Yes      Yes
YouTube Custom ProfileYes      Yes      Yes
Social SharingYes      Yes      Yes
Twitter updatesYes      Yes      Yes
Face book updatesYes      Yes      Yes
YouTube VideosYes      Yes      Yes
Videos SubmissionsYes      Yes      Yes
Keyword SelectionNo      NO      Yes
Campaign Creating + MonitoringNo      NO      Yes
Conversion Tracking
Conversion Optimizer
Facebook CampaignsNo      Yes      Yes
Current Performance ReportYes      Yes      Yes
Activity/SEO Ranking ReportsYes      Yes      Yes
Google Analytics ReportYes      Yes      Yes
Email SupportYes      Yes      Yes
TelephoneYes      Yes      Yes
SkypeYes      Yes      Yes
             5 to 10 20 to 30            30 to 50            
Target Market ————————–                                                              


Monthly Prices   50,000 RS 100,000 RS 150,000 RS
Your website will never penalize by Google, All targets must be achieved