Email Marketing

Helping You Reach End Customers Via Emails To Get Immediate Sales.
It’s a matchless tool to reach end users through ‘Direct Emails’ when it comes to digital marketing. You can easily send commercial messages to your customers and all promotion about products/services. It’s a great value for money tool and valuable for low cost per contact. It’s really a get push in sales if done correctly.
Personalized emails get immediate attention from customers and they tend to read what is in there for them.

Choose Our Strategy For:
Appropriate Subject Lines
Personalized Emails
Segmented Emails
Using Catchy Images
Social Sharing Buttons in Emails
Emails frequent Update
Right Timings to send mails
Responsive Mail Design

Adrox Strategic Focus:
Adrox focuses on the following strategies to better help you get the most out of your Email Marketing Campaigns. Email Marketing is considered one of the best tools for your business when it comes to sales and customer interaction.
Appropriate Subject Lines:
People open emails based on the subject line alone. We make sure you have a concise and informative one, giving readers the reason to click through.
Personalized Emails:
In order to make your email campaign more effective, we use customizable fields for personalizing each message. Details like name, URL, brand names can go long way in order to engage audience and encouraging follow-through.
Segment Your Emails:
For personalizing your emails further we segment the email list into smaller niches of customers groups based on gender, location, age, buying behavior in the past, and more. We do this to provide specific customer groups with the updates and deals that are more important to them.
Use Images to make it catchier: Many email recipients prefer viewing mails in HTML, fully optimized with images or graphics, custom fonts, and styles, since they can be read at a glance. You only have few seconds to get a response from your reader, the more visually interesting your campaign is, the more likely are the chances that the reader will go through it.

Social Sharing Buttons in Emails:
We stress upon incorporating social sharing buttons in emails as they generate higher click-through rates unlike other platforms. They initiate action from readers so it is imperative to include means for readers to share and follow your newsletter.
Update Emails frequently:
In order to avoid monotony we frequently update our clients’ newsletters or other information to give a fresh look every time. We keep changing the design and content for a better user experience.
Right Timings to send mails:
We know what is the optimal time for clients to read theirs emails so we top the email strategy by sending emails at right times. We know what the prime time for sending emails is.
Responsive Mail Design:
Considering the fact that there are a lot of platforms that different users use, in shape of mobile devices, tablets etc. We design responsive and mobile optimized emails to ensure the email looks great on any device.
Benefits of Email Marketing:
Easy and simple to track
E-mail marketing is cost-effective
Works efficiently
Helps building relationships