Content Writing

Content Is King-Backbone Of All Online Marketing Campaigns

Well written content for a website really helps to promote your business and gives a competitive edge over the others. Indian Digital Marketing focuses not only on unique and top quality content but also tries to educate, entertain, inform, persuade, change perception and expand visitor’s horizon and more!

To make an impact, it’s important to share knowledge and give your customers the information they are looking for, because if you don’t; someone else will!

Adrox pays special attention to content and employs specialist content writers for writing articles, blogs, press releases etc. based on search engine friendly keywords. This is the key for your customers to search you rather than your competitors. Adrox focuses not only on unique and top quality content but also tries to educate, entertain, inform and change perception of visitors!

Choose Our Strategy For:

  • Knowing your Target Market
  • Focusing Targeted Keywords
  • Watching on Competition
  • Keywords research to make SEO more
  • Unique & Fresh Content
  • Creating content on Regular basis

Adrox Strategic Focus:

Know your Target Market:

At Adrox we carefully examine whom we are writing for because it is important to know the readers, audience before we even start writing.

Focus Targeted Keywords:

Every article we write has a clear focus on targeted keywords specific to our clients’ industry and the product/service they are offering.

Watch on Competition:

We know how the competition determines the keywords and use the best available options that serves our clients’ needs.

Keywords research to make SEO more meaningful:

We do extensive research for the keywords that are related to our clients’ industry and use those for which maximum search is done. We systematically use such keywords in the content which in turn help search engines find our content when somebody searches with the keywords we have chosen.

Unique & Fresh Content:
It’s our prime focus to create a high quality content which is unique and fresh in itself for engaging maximum users.

Benefits of Content Writing for your Business:

Provide information to your readers:

We spread the right information to you customers by telling them what you do, who you are and what your products/services are. We know the importance of “The more you tell, the more you sell.”

Attract search engines to your site:

Our content is informative and relevant having keywords that attract the search engines and consumers both.
Add value to your site and increase traffic – By regularly adding blogs to the site the traffic can be increased.

Increase site stickiness:

We focus on creating informative and relevant content that will engage the customers on the site and make them visit for more.

Help people read online:

A good content is always written in paragraphs or has subheads, this makes it convenient for readers without less strains on their eyes online.

Add value to visuals:

Our descriptions contain visuals that give weightage to the picture which in turn adds more value to the site.